Tasty, Healthful Specialty Breads

From Our Family
To Yours

No Refined Sugars

No Fat, Eggs, or Dairy

No Chemical Preservatives

Wendel Sampling

Traditional & Authentic

It Started In Our Family Kitchen

Our family-owned business started with Wendel’s passion for all-natural breads.

Wendel had a background in food production. He developed the recipes in his home kitchen with the goal of creating tasty, healthful breads using no fat, eggs, or dairy. He chose to sweeten each of his recipes with honey and molasses, instead of refined sugar.

The addition of bulgur wheat to some of the recipes enhances the nutritional quality and provides a pleasing flavor and bite.

More than just bread

7 Breads – Unlimited Possibilities

Many of us just love to eat bread – there’s nothing wrong with a simple slice of Cranberry Multigrain bread to start the day.

Others, however, love to create…using bread as the foundation. Love French toast? Try your recipe using our Cinnamon Raisin bread.

Love a traditional PB&J? Give our Honey Whole grain a try and ditch the chemicals in that boring, white sandwich bread.

Wendel understood that breads were just the starting point for an amazing meal or snack. Give our breads a try and we think you’ll agree.

Wendel's Specialty Breads Peanut Butter And Jelly